An Excerpt from TRANSITION

Chapter 7

During the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, you couldn’t rely on going to church as usual. Most churches were closed, and they transitioned to being virtual. You weren’t responsible for anything other than what was in your house because you couldn’t go out and do everything. No more big conferences. No more big travel. None of these big gatherings were going on anymore. So you had the time to get with God, pray, fast, and really build your spiritual awareness, your anointing, and all the spiritual things. I believe this had to happen so you could sustain during the pandemic and when the pandemic was over. At the end of the day, He gave you an anointing to work, have a family, and spread the good news. The anointing is not just to hold it for yourself and say, “I am anointed by God.” If you get too arrogant and cocky, He does reserve the right to take it away from you.


I transitioned into spending time with God more and did not deal a lot with who I was around before and who would try to creep up and come up during the pandemic. I had to deal with things in a certain way (spiritually and naturally).


I had spent time on a spiritual and mental seesaw, so now I just wanted to get good at spending time with God, so I could get ready for my next sets of assignments. I transitioned first within myself to understand what I was doing wrong, outside of the will of God. Then I had to transition into fighting in the Spirit and putting those spirits in their place, so they would leave me alone. Later, I had to transition my thinking in the sense of not letting other people’s negative ways, mouths, and actions overtake me. Remember, not only was I dealing with men, but also, I was dealing with women with their different ways and spirits. Things that were done and said were not always godly or positive, so I found myself fighting for my peace and contentment while feeling like I was being sifted, like I spiritual leeches were draining the spirituality out of me. I would turn on my favorite songs on YouTube or do something exciting to counteract the negativity taking place.


In the first year of the pandemic, God anointed me and said he would heal me. I didn’t even know He was anointing me, but several prophets called me and said that God was anointing me and healing me while I was at home. I set myself apart, reading and praying, doing spiritual things, being obedient, fighting off the enemy.

Now when I go to lay my hands on doing what God has placed for me to do, he sets an anointing over it. How do you know it’s anointed? Because it’s blessed and there is a positive impact. You can feel the positivity. You have your health, you have finances coming, and when you go to sing and play, if you’re a musician in the church, there’s an anointing on what you’re doing. If you go speak somewhere, there’s an anointing on you speaking. Now, the things that you say are going to impact somebody positively. This has to become your way of life. I’ve got to be groomed that way. I was told that my grandfather, who was a pastor, had a mantle, and there are some people in our family who have to carry on the mantle. Well, what is the mantle? I was a little girl when he passed, and I didn’t see all the great things he did in the Spirit, but I was told he had an anointing to cast out demons. People would come in drunk and leave out sober. They had these different spirits when they would come in, and they would leave without those spirits. They left all healed and delivered, and whatever that process looked like, he was an anointed vessel to carry it through. But I had to realize during the pandemic that I was being attacked by demons and demonic forces. That’s why my stuff seemed to be a lot heavier than that of the other women I was around. That means I have an anointing to fight off these demons and not let them keep overtaking me.



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